Multiple domain tracking

By default, the plugin will recognize the config object set inside the global options as the main configuration for the whole tracking system, but it is possible to include more domains to add for each event fired by simply adding an array of configurations

import { createApp } from "vue";
import App from "./App.vue";
import VueGtag from "vue-gtag";

createApp(App).use(VueGtag, {
  includes: [
    { id: 'GA_MEASUREMENT_ID_2' },
      id: 'GA_MEASUREMENT_ID_3',
      params: {
        anonymize_ip: true
  config: { id: "GA_MEASUREMENT_ID_1" }

With this setup, the initial configuration will be sent 3 times and the third time it will also send custom parameters with it.

All events fired after the installation will have a new property called send_to inside each payload, which is a way for gtag.js to send events for all domains included in the array.

For example, this login event will be fired for all your domains: vue-gtag will inject the send_to parameter for you automatically.

export default {
  name: 'MyComponent',

  methods: {
    login () {
      this.$gtag.event('login', { method: 'Google' })

It is possible to override the send_to parameter at any time by just adding it to your event

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